Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August Showers

I love the smell of the woods after a rain. Especially an autumn rain, filled with the robust late summer foliage and hint of berries and living creatures. The beginning of the end, with the season of bare trees and fallen leaves just around the corner.

After a day and a half of steady rainfall, there was finally a chance to escape the indoors and take a hike. I fell in love with the birch lined paths, the tall ferns with their tips beginning to change to red and amber. The smell of wet wood and moss, that otherworldly mist that rises off of everything. After the rain... it just might be my favorite time of all.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rainy Day Diaries

Rainy days: lazy days, naps, couch sitting, snacks. Right?
Today has been an extraordinarily productive rainy day for me, and it's not even noon yet! I woke up ten minutes before my alarm this morning, made a yummy breakfast of wholemeal toast with avocado and tomato and caught up on my blog reading. I was pretty busy this past weekend, and had oodles of bits to do online.
Then I did some cleaning, managed to get fully dressed (even though I have nowhere to go today), did some writing for some other blog-related jobs I'm trying to get accepted into, and picked up my long lost hobby of sketching and painting. I'm no Rembrandt, but hey, it makes me happy. 
I don't even have paintbrushes over here yet; I used my makeup brushes! I doodled from a photo I had taken on our roadtrip to the south coast last week. I was so fascinated by one particular moment, when a fishing boat was returning to the harbor and being mobbed by pursuing gulls, that I simply had to try to capture that moment in time.

Oh, and how about that little brick of a cell phone? Until I have "proof of residency" here, I can't get a contract, so this little pay-as-you-go jobby is my current lifeline. Since I only need about 4 numbers in it (my iPhone is still functional on WiFi), it'll do for now. Gratitude over greed, am I right? 

My favorite things today: Earl Grey tea & bright coral lipstick.


I was inspired/motivated to do this post by When At Home; it's basically a little blurb about what I'm up to today and lately. Feel free to do your own, either in the comments below, or by linking up!

Thinking about: Jobs. Steve is at an interview as I write this, and I'm praying really, really hard. Not so much that we'll fall flat on our faces without it, but because he's seemed a little discouraged lately by not having started working yet. I'm trying to worry less, and that in itself is a job for the day.
Reading: Catching up on approximately 654 blog posts from the past couple of days. Usually I sit down first thing each morning with my coffee, and I read through my Bloglovin' feed - unfortunately, that hasn't been the case over this past 3-day weekend. I'm really enjoying a relaxing morning of catching up on what all of my fellow bloggers have been up to.
Listening to: The rain. For the most part, the weather has been great since we arrived, albeit a little chilly. Yesterday brought the rain, though, and it hasn't stopped since. It's not heavy, stormy rain; it's a slow, steady drizzle that's just a minor inconvenience. I need to get some things done indoors today, so I'm a little bit grateful for an excuse to stay in. 
Thankful for: Grandmothers. I have the most wonderful memories of all four of my grandmothers, but they are no longer living, and that's left a big void in my life. I'm thankful for my husband's grandmother, whom I spent yesterday talking, knitting, and cooking with. Grandmothers are just the best, aren't they? 
Photographing : Little bits and pieces of what I'm up to on this rainy morning. I'm going to be mainly taking them with my iPhone today, because the lighting indoors isn't so great for my camera. I think this afternoon, though, instead of photos I'll be doing some painting, and I'm really excited about that.